Why SimpleMAR?

SimpleMAR is modern digital age software that works on any platform or device. Biggest problems nursing homes and facilities facing today are to maintain paper MARs or deal with complex electronic MAR systems. SimpleMAR addresses both issues and provides some unique features and advantages that differentiate it from its competitors.

  • low cost
  • user friendly
  • no Errors
  • cloud
  • integration
  • scalability
  • No costly investment in hardware
  • Easy to learn and user friendly. No prior computer proficiency required.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces potential errors.
  • It is built with performance, security and scalability in mind.
  • Being cloud software, it eliminates need of carrying bulky paperwork and still provides instant access to medication and physician’s orders, resident health care information as well as MAR’s.
  • Having interfaces to major pharmacy systems, it allows two-way communication between pharmacy and nursing facility.